Why is he acting distant?

He used to call me every week and text me but but now he doesn't. The last time I talked to him on the phone was 3 weeks ago and he kept telling me he loves me. Then a week later he went to a concert, and the next week he still didn't call or text. So I text him but he never replied, then 3 days later he answers my text, but I tell him nevermind, and it doesn't matter, but he texts me for a bit, he said he's been busy but I don't believe that because it doesn't take long to answer a text.

Everything seemed fine fine before the concert, but now he acts distant, and I sense a change in him. Before the concert he would call, and text but now he doesn't. He would always tell me he loves and wants me. I miss him but I know I need to move on and I will, it just hurts 😢


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  • Any chance he met someone at the concert? x


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