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My boyfriend of two and half years recently broke up with me, and you can imagine that I'm just trying to put the pieces together. It literally came out of nowhere, all happening in a matter of three days. The day before everything hit the fan he was telling me how much he loved me and he was so sweet and nice, everything seemed normal. The next day everything changed. Suddenly he's confused and doesn't know what he wants, he's been talking to and hanging out with his ex and he doesn't know how he feels about me anymore. We have been in a long distance relationship, and I know that it was always a possibility but the way things happened just seemed wrong. We weren't fighting or arguing leading up to the breakup. We would fight and yell and he would keep telling me he was confused and that this other girl is there and she's more like what he wants, but when everything calmed down he told me how much he loved me and how he couldn't go a day without thinking about me, it was just the distance that was hard for him. I can deal with that problem. He kept telling me he just couldn't break up with me but wants to be friends and talk and see if we could get back together, but he he didn't even wait 2 days before getting into a relationship with this girl. I asked him if he loved me or had any of the same feelings for me and he told me he cares about me but he didn't think he could tell me he didn't love me. The arguing escalated and all of a sudden he doesn't love me, I don't matter to him and he was going to forget me anyway. I guess I just want to know why. Why did he say all those things, was it out of anger or frustration? Why did he get involved with this other girl in the blink of an eye, did I ever matter? Everyone says just give it a couple days and he'll try to contact me again. I don't want to be hopeful that he will. I just want to understand how in the matter of less than a week he can so easily write off the last two and half years like it never happened


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  • If he already has a new girlfriend then I think you have to realize it's over. It seems that he liked you but he liked his ex more. Sometimes that happens. He might have had good hopes but realized this isn't right for him anymore. Either way what he feels or does is irrelevant. What counts is that he decided to end it and walk away so now it is time for you to do the same. You will find someone else. Things like this have to happen to get you away from the wrong person so you can get to the right person.

  • A lot of the time people can act like they don't care when they really do!


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