Girls, Help me understand so I can move on?

Hopefully someone can help me understand. (And just to be clear i understand she doesn't want me anymore this story transpires at a time when she still did)

My girlfriend at the time and I had known each other for about a year, and during that entire year she wanted me, and i wanted her to. The problem was i was with someone else. When we finally gave in and made it official we were happy for a few days, but tben she turns around and is really horrible to me and then breaks up with me. I asked her for some space because it did hurt i had put a lot at risk for this girl for over a year. The next day i recant my statement and admit i overreacted. She gives me the cold shoulder during the rest of the week and when I do what i agreed to with her and get her daughter a gift for Christmas she thanks me. The next day I happen across a gift i know for a fact her stepfather would like, so i talk to her about it and suddenly im this conniving obsessed creep who thinks he can buy his way into her pants and she doesn't want to talk to me anymore. Its been nine months. I've recently ended my mourning period. just for closure once and for all i want to know what exactly i did wrong.
Thank you.


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  • Try to move on.

    • Thats the hard part in trying but i can't even focus on my next relationship because i have no closure

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    • I don't have a new relationship unfortunately. I try so hard to focus on other girls i interact with but it all keeps coming back to her. i want her out of my head but its like a part of me won't let me. its been 9 months i just want to move on

    • Then move on.

  • I don't think it was your fault at all.


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