Feeling low, depressed and giving up on myself, need some advice and to understand him😣?

(I'm sorry for the long post, I need to let off steam and some support and advice)

Me and my ex was together 3 and a half years, he was my everything and my rock, we was engaged, trying for a baby and living together and had only just booked our wedding 2 weeks before he left me, he also brought my son up as his own for 3 and a half years (as his own even though he's not his child), the love and bond between them was unreal, my ex adored my son.
My ex left after a few rows and 4 days after I found out I was pregnant with him, when I told him he told me I was lying, after weeks of telling him he could come see me do a test, or I woukd get a scan he said he 'didn't care' and wanted me to have a termination, after months on end of trying for a baby, in the end I did have the termination he never got in touch to see proof or to see what I had done.
6 weeks after we split i found out he had a new girlfriend, few days later I found out she was his ex from 2007 (he's had quite a few relationships since including me), they seemed to move so fast and 2 weeks after being together his new girlfriend was posting pictures of my ex, her and her child having a day out at the zoo, his new girlfriend is the same age as me looks similar and her child is the same age as my son which I thought my ex woukd find difficult?
Since he's left I'm struggling to deal with the hurt, more than that I'm struggling to understand how he could do this?, how come he got all the happiness and i got left feeling low, lonely and depressed😣. I'm not really coping and wondered if anyone could give me some advice and support😣 thankyou


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  • I'm sorry, I bet going through that sucks. I don't know why he would argue and leave over you being pregnant, as you seemed to be really good together, he should of spoke to you about it and the outcome may of been different. You need to keep your mind off him, don't look at his pics, stay away from him. Try and focus on good things in your life, like your son, friends, hobbies, work etc. And try to move on and find someone else. It won't be easy, it won't be quick, but in time you'll feel better. ☺


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