Guys, how can I get my boyfriend to talk to me after a fight and be open about our relationship?

we have had this same fight countless times and its getting reallyold for the both of us but it keeps coming up... and now my boyfriend hasn't said a word to me for 24 hours. i'm really scared I've might have lost him. pretty much his ex girlfriend keeps coming up and i know he doesn't want her around but he lets her walk all over him and get her way anyway and it really pisses me off and causes us to fight, then he makes me look like the crazy one. He brags to all of his friends about me because im young and good looking and they are all jealous of him , but his family doesn't know about me, its like he keeps me a secret so his family is part of why his ex keeps showing up, they want him to get back with her and are unaware he has me, we have been togather 6 months and i told him he needs to make it more clear he has a girlfriend so his ex stops showing up or else i can't do this anymore and i told him im sorry for being so harsh about it but its only because i care about him, he always tell me i mean so mcuh to him and that he loves everysecond he has with me, yet i feel like im nothing but something to brag to his friends about and that he is embarred of me to show to his family, i really want him to talk to me and him be comfortable with being open about our relationship, literally everyone knows about us, except his family. only like two cousins and a brother, but there are so many times he blows me off because his mom or dad is over. and it really makes me feel like there is something wrond with me because all his exes were pshyco and he kissed the ground they walked on and had them around his family. im probably the most laid back, level headed, definatly prettiest girl he has every dated (not trying to sound like a high maintence bitch), but i really am prettier than the others, and i guess i just dont understand why he is being like this, i really want him to talk to me but im just not sure what to say to get him to talk.


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  • You're not the one he wants to bring to meet his parents. Normally, you only bring "serious" potential partners to meet your parents.


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