Is he still in love with me or not?

My ex is really confusing the heck out of me. He wants to be friends and hang out which has been going pretty well but he says he's still in love with me but just can't be in a relationship right now. He told me that if I do meet another guy that he wants to meet him to make sure he is "right" for me. I honestly am not interested in dating anyone right now and probably won't for a while. He also tries to spend more time with me now than when we were actually together and when we are out in public he tries to hold my hand and kisses me on the forehead sometimes. He has also said that just because we cannot be together right now does not mean that we can't later down the road. So I am wondering why in the world would he still treat me like his girlfriend but says he cannot be with me? I have asked him this very same question several times and he just responds with "we just can't be together right now." I know he isn't seeing someone else cause he seems to want to spend all his time with me. Plus I am more than positive he would have told me cause he is the type of person who wants to tell me everything. Plus last night I was hanging out with a friend and he kept calling and texting asking what I was doing and when I finally answered he asked if I could come pick him up at is friend's house so we and I could hang out. I did go pick him and and I thought he just wanted me to drop him of at home. He was in no hurry to go home and we just sat and talked in my car for a while at a burger joint. I am so confused.
I am not going to lie. I do still have very intense feelings for him but I am wondering if he is just saying these things cause he thinks it's what I want to hear and he is trying to gauge my reaction. We have talked about the whole friends with benefits thing which we have hooked up 1 time since we broke up and it felt right but I am not sure how to read into this.


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  • It seems he wants you, but wants to be available for "just in case something better comes along." Nothing about the above makes sense. Especially if he can't tell you why he can't be with you now.


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