Why is so hard to let go? how can I forgive myself? and stop being angry at me?

a guy left me and blocked me. he lead me on. but the worst is sometimes I remember how sweet he used to be but I know there were some problems too. like last minutes dates, that makes me feel as his back up plan. and that he stop contacting me out of nowhere.


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  • It is hard to let go cause you believe that the person you wanted was only this one and put in your mind that there won't be a chance to met someone that gives you the same feel you have.
    Also you become used to feeling the way you do near this person so when he's gone you feel like you dropped hard.

    You can forgive yourself for your failure, take it as experience. Let the pain be your guide to do things better in future and not as a brake that lefts your life stuck at the place it is right now.
    You have to move forward, you get hurt to learn but you shall not fall back to where you came from. Thats how you improve but not how you undo the pain..
    Some people forget the pain about days, some take years and others take it through their life..
    Finding the sun in yourself, something I don't even know exists. I can't tell you how to feel better, just how to improve

    • it kinda hurts still, and he is off my mind most of the time. although I saw a picture of him lately and all the memories came back and made me sad. I want to forget him but at the same time I want him to be back or hope to be reunited as well.

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    • https://youtu.be/OYa5aQb3YGE

      I just mixed it into my vocabulary

    • what is the normal player type of guy anyway? I remember how he told he was a very trouble kid when he was in high school he always get suspended even on his senior year. I thought he was only very inmature. I hope u get to forget those girls.

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  • Im going through the same hun. The only thing i can suggest is get out there. Find something to look forward to abd take it one day at a time xxx


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  • You were naive enough to fall into this man's trap, now you must suffer the consequences.

  • Seeing the better side of being let go is how you let go.

    You're not being used anymore.
    You can DEFINITELY find someone better.
    You can fuck who you want ( cause you singleeee~ )
    You're no longer his back up ! hooray !
    You're A LOT MORE free than you are trapped.

    CONS: (Generally for you)
    You're too attached. (I'm glad you're trying to let go though! )
    You're weak (The truth hurts but it's not permanent !)

    You'll get stronger from this, a good heart
    usually travels farther than the liquor store ! haha.

  • I was in the same situation and honestly still am a little bit. Its been 2 years since she blocked me. The best way forward is to think of him blocking you as a POSITIVE. Whether good or bad, there was still an emotional link. What you need to do now is better yourself, and be ready incase it happens again. In my case, I wrote her a paragraph explaining myself. I had weight on my shoulders I had to let go, and I was ready for whatever the outcome. But she blocked me, which hurt, but I was ready. Although, it still hurts abit to this day

    • and u still can't let go after two years? wow. it must has been a long realtionship

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    • Sounds like we're on the same page. But I accepted my faults and I was always honest with her. I guess thats why it hurt so much for both of us

    • i can't believe me he ditched me. he said u had to know it wasn't going to last forever, and that we are in different countries and I was like wtf so why did u wanted to keep in touch or why were u asking about it.

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  • you should realize this happens to pretty much all girls. you're normal.

  • You're gonna have to move on.

    • that's what I'm trying to do. that's why my quesrions was how can I forgive myself. cuz I'm fucking angry at me for going out with him.

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