Why does my ex boyfriend distance himself from me like this…is that what he is doing and why?

OK, so I was good friends with this guy that I saw everyday over the summer at a summer course thing. We were friends and talked for 5 months about anything and everything and became close. In September, I had to go off to college 3 hrs away from him but he came over and admitted to liking me. We went out for about a month (saw each other once a week) and then he broke it off with me due to many things going on in his life/drug addiction problems?the breakup was not messy or bad at all. I asked if he wanted to remain friends and he hesitated but then agreed and said that it would suck to lose a good friend. I also msg’d him to talk to him 3 weeks later and he talked to me. He also responded to one of my other msg’s. Finally, I messaged him asking him to hang out this holiday and he listed days he was free and said that we will stay in touch. I picked a few of those days and suggested that they work for me as well. He did not respond back (those days have now all passed) but I KNOW that he received the msg’s. Lately he has also appeared offline on msn so that I never can msg him to simply talk or anything (my friends have talked to him on msn so I know this) but he DOES respond if I text him saying “happy new years” or “merry Christmas” or w/e…so he’s not ignoring me in that sense but also is at the same time….I don’t understand any of this and these are my questions:

1.What is his deal? Why would he give specific days he’s available to chill if he doesn't wanna see me? (if that normal male behavior?)

2.Why would he appear offline/block me on msn while at the same time, respond to me texts if he WANTED to ignore me/not be friends?

I’m just confused because it seems like he’s trying to avoid me but at the same time he is not…I’m so confused about his behavior. And NO I haven’t been calling him or bugging him about hanging out AT ALL. **It has been 2 months since he broke up with me and he isn't the type of person who would do these things to spite people or anything


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  • My ex who I had been dating for almost 2 years is also doing the same exact thing, my guy friends tell me it's because he's afraid. He doesn't want to deal with you at this time and he needs space. I'm not really sure.


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