How do I know that she is really not the right one?

So I broke up with my girlfriend today because I don't feel that burning desire that is usually advertised as love. Now, the problem is that I actually consider her to be as bear as perfect as humans can get and she really loves me so I just don't get why I seem to not "love" her.
the problem here now is that I haven't actually don't think I can feel for anyone more than I feel for her but as an extreme introvert, I usually just prefer to be at home and do nothing. she gets tired of this occasionally and we usually end up in an argument.
My question is that is "love" different for everyone? Do some people feel it subtly as opposed to like an intense fire? Am I making a mistake in breaking up with her or am I just being clingy, and will eventually stop missing her? I don't really see my self falling for anyone more than I do for her and there is also my antisocial nature.


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  • If you Both have been together as two birds of afeather 'Forever,' and have Grown as One but your fires have gone out some because time has crossd that fine line Then... You are Not alone.
    It happens in many relationships where cozy and comfort often Supercede Hot smouldering rocks and One begins to then think that the relationship as gone on The... Rocks.
    You will start Missing the Kissing now. I see the sure signs of someone who already has this softie spot in his heart for his "EX" who still Marks a Big X in there somewhere, and also you may find being somewhat Blue... It isn't always greener on the other side of the fence.
    Give yourself this time and space to realize to your own surprise That... I don't really see myself falling for anyone more than I Do... Or have you already discovered it with just 'Today' and this Breakup that probably was the Biggest mistake of your whole life here, dear.
    Good luck. xx

    • Yup, it only took me that one day to figure it out. Thanks to the interwebs community and folks like you. Lucky for me, I think I wasn't too late (it's still rocky but that's all my fault.)
      Thanks for your answer

    • Oh, so welcome, and everything always is in God's hand along with old Mother Nature.:)) xxoo

    • Thank you so much for the Vote of Confidence and the Upvote as well.:)) xxoo

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  • I do believe that love is different for everyone. Each one of us wants different things when it comes to love such as: how much intimacy, amount of conversation between the two, lifestyles, etc. Because of these factors I believe everyone has their own definition of love, except for the common idea of caring for a person deeply.

    As for your question on whether you will ever love someone again I think you will in time. Even though you may be an introvert I'm sure somewhere along the way you'll find someone else whom you may love. I just think right now that you feel like you won't' ever love anyone else like her because maybe she is your first girlfriend?

    In time you will stop missing her, but this time is different for every person and could be from a week to months or even years.

    And just to give my own opinion on what you've said so far about the relationship, it seems like she doesn't care for your lifestyle then you shouldn't be with her. Seems like she needs someone who likes to go out every now and then and that someone isn't you. If you do continue to be together then she needs to accept this or no longer be with you because if she doesn't accept it then you'll just keep having the same argument

    • Thank you for the answer. To tell you the truth, she does care for my lifestyle. She has reduced her going out to a crawl just for me and I don't think the things she's asking for are actually too much. They are just difficult for me and in retrospect I actually think they might be good.
      Thanks very much

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  • Yes, love is really different for everyone. And there is no such thing as "the one". You probably felt that desire in the beginning, and now it wore off, which is completely normal. It's called "the end of the honeymoon phase". Sometimes this phase hits couples in the same time and sometimes one gets it before the other. And don't worry, the honeymoon phase is not gone FOREVER, it comes and goes really, depending on moments. The key is communication. You gotta talk to each other. You probably felt lost and under pressure because you didn't really told her what's bothering you. You would be surprised how a conversation can do magic and how adjustable we girls can be (when we are in love). Do you really think that couples who are married for 20 years still feel the fire burning each day? Of course not. It's about finding someone who you are comfortable with and with who you can imagine sharing your life with. She needs to know that you still love her and want her even if she gives you space for yourself and back off a little bit. I mean I get her, she was probably afraid that you're gonna lose interest if she distance herself, so she grabbed you. Just talk. But if you are sure that you don't want to be with her, remember to not leave her wondering what the hell happened! She needs answers, no matter how much might hurt. Remember to be honest with her. And also, don't disrespect her by asking to stay friends. If you don't want a relationship, you gotta deal with her disappearing from you life completely. That's what you get. Calling her is a huge disrespect and she shouldn't settle for less then she deserves.

  • Talk to her so you guys can clear up things.

  • She's probably not


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