How do I help a girl whose a victim to domestic violence (follow up)?

Here's my previous question, which I didn't wait a week to talk to this girl about. She says that she feels dead inside. I spent 5 years of my childhood being stuck with my moms abusive boyfriend. I just told her that whole story, saying that I know it'll get better and that it'll take time, A lot of time. I also told her that spending time with friends and family, having fun with them helps the most but it might not be too obvious. My goal over the next week or 2 is to get her to help me make homemade pizza. Is there anything else I can do. I know this stuff takes time but I still can't help from feeling so useless to her.


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  • keep her occupied, get her to choose a hobby, maybe youd like to get her into something you both like so she won't feel alone

  • I think what you're doing is great!
    You are trying to offer this girl a sense of relation... since you've been down a similar path!
    I think what you're doing is fine... be there to support and take her mind off of what she is going through.
    However, when she's ready to move on from her past traumas all relies on herself...
    Some peoples pain get better with time, other people have a way of always holding on to it.
    That factor depends on her, and if she's willing to use the available resources (around her) that will guide in helping her overcome her past trauma.
    She may not be grateful... but what I think you are doing is kind.
    This is the type of self fulfillment you should feel pleased with (even if she doesn't tell or show her appreciation).
    You're doing this for your own good...(because you have kind spirits), not to be praised by another (even though that adds to the satisfaction).


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