Does he want me back or not?

So my boyfriend and I are over (or I think). He says how he hurts me, he says he has eyes for me only, how lms (looks, money &status ) matters to him and how he wants to help me in anyway. I want him back so badly, it's really unbearable. But, I told him I'm moving on and he asked why and "You don't see us getting back together huh". I don't understand, it's like you broke up with me because I told you how I felt about the situation. He made promises like I'll fight for you, your my one and only, he'll never leave me and etc. Then he doesn't fight for me, says there's no future, how I stress him out and etc. Does that not sound like you were played? IF NOT SOMEONE EXPLAIN THAT TO ME. I already went on 2 dates so far (we ended things a week ago). It's like why am I crying over a guy who said doesn't want me but always text me and wants to help me. I constantly think about him, I saw him on okc the other day. He said I broke he's heart and he doesn't want to date again (he's friend made he's okc account for him) is there still a chance? My friend said to act like I don't care and I move on. Is that wise?
So ya I talked to him and now we're friends for now but he said we never know. He said that he can't trust me but he'll never leave me.
And he said if he comes back to dating he'll come back to me


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  • It's quite clear here, dear, that he still has feelings for you but just doesn't want to be in a Real Relationship nor hooked with "His and Her" at the hip right now. He wants you in his life but Minus any strife as two birds of a feather, and even though he made broken promises as a soul mate, he is showing his colors as a 'Friend' who is at your side And... He wants to help me in anyway.
    Nursing and nurturing something special currently, could very well lead down a path that may lead to you both reuniting and Igniting a different sort of spark tha twill Last for eternity.
    It's a gamble when two people Breakup. However, as you see, it is possible to Makeup and just let Go and let God and see where it might go and flow.
    It's your choice and your call if you want to play it out. But go slow for now if you want to try and get back in the nest. Going too fast, he may grow cold duck feet and go waddling quickly back into his murky man waters again. He is feeling n pressure at his own free to 'Always text me and wants to help me.'
    Good luck. @Thatwoman xx

    • Thank you. It's weird because he is the one for me and he feels it too. I do miss him but maybe it's best for us just to go our separate ways for now. 😢 it hurts like hell right now but it's for the best.

    • But I still want to be with him

    • So welcome... I agree and you know best from the rest.. it could also go down a Full circle problem pattern that you can do without as well. xxoo

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  • What I am getting from this is that your ex. boyfriend seems to be contradicting in his actions.
    He will say he cares for you but his actions will show the complete opposite.
    There's a reason why they say, "actions speak louder than words."
    People can verbally say anything.
    Yes, it sounds great!
    But if the person is not putting those actions into the play then they are meaningless.
    I think you should continue to move on.
    Your ex. boyfriend is misleading you and further digging you into his web of deceit. This will further displace your feelings and give you a much harder time in moving on.
    I think you owe it to yourself to do that
    You cannot rely on someone who is inconsistent.

  • So why did you break up exactly?

    • I didon't break up with him he broke up with me because I said he used me. Then he called me a hypocrite because he broke up with me this time and not the other way around. I broke it off with him cause he hurt me when I had depression he called me names because he was looking for me all night when I walked out.

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    • I like that. Ya your right. I did dolly myself up for this guy I'm seeing tonight. I am going to get my afro back and get some colours in. I'm going to look hot and shameless. Lol, I don't need a man to validate me

    • Thank you... I feel determined

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