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there's also a chance that I might see my ex this weekend to so my plan was that if I see her just to say hi and see how that goes. Then the next weekend text her to see whats up. My question I guess is if I dont see this weekend is that should text her? Me and my girlfriend broke up 3 weeks ago and its 10 days since I last talked to her.


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  • i think you need some time to breathe after being in a relationship. the only reason you would wanna visit your ex so soon after a breakup is because you're insecure about being single and want to feel wanted. I think that if in a month you are still interested in seeing your ex go for it! (:

    • I'm not trying to see my ex, but her and my sister play on the same soccer team. So I will somehow see her and pass her

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  • Well, what exactly do you wish to accomplish with your ex?

    That will allow me to better answer your question.
    Do you plan on getting back with her at some point by taking the slow method of communication?

  • I doubt things will go smoothly shortly after the break up. If you text her chances are she won't reply because she is your ex.
    Have you two decided to remain friends? If yes, then text her and say hi if you get a chance to meet her.

    • When we broke up we agreed to start over as friends but to be honest I don't even know if we're even friends.

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