Guys, why would you ignore an ex?

If YOU were the one to initiate the break up - for what reasons would you ignore her completely when seeing her in person?

**PLEASE ANSWER ASSUMING that the ex did nothing to hurt you & you did nothing to hurt them (such as cheating/abuse/other meanness or cruelty).
  • I always ignore my exes, regardless of how it ended or how I feel - I don't want them in my life.
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  • Because I have no feelings for them and want to move on.
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  • Because I still have feelings for them.
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  • I would ignore my ex to avoid leading them on when I don't have feelings for them
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  • I would ignore my ex to avoid making things awkward.
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  • I don't ignore my exes.
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  • Other/more than one of above (please explain below)
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Most Helpful Guy

  • Not sure what you mean by seeing her in person, but in general I just don't talk to my exes at all. I block them on social networks, phone, email etc and I won't reach out to them on my own. If I happen to run into them i'll be polite, but I won't pretend like they aren't there.

    • By in person I mean the first time you see her in person since breaking up

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What Guys Said 2

  • I never ignored my exes. Well, most of the relationship I'm in ended in good terms. So yeah. For a few that burn down like some hell storm, I still didn't ignore them. If they like ask to hang out, we'll hang. If they initiate a move, I'll put up a wall. It's simple.



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