How can I get him back after 5 months of dragging it on?

Met him 5 years ago and 1 1/2 years ago he appeared back into my life at the perfect/worst moment. He was obsessed with me and did absolutely everything for me but my insecurities and drinking habits pushed him to the "warning" point, which I ignored and he eventually broke it off. He still kept in contact almost everyday and I changed my life to see that he then had an idea to want to be with me again but that was ruined by his "I'm single I can do whatever I want" actions (putting me last after his friends constantly and caring too much about his social life) which would end in me telling him I'm upset and his short temper would end in him yelling at me for being upset and then apologizing. I messed up yesterday because I asked him where we stand and what he thinks our future holds and he went from being super sweet 2 days before that to being cold and basically telling me he has no idea why we still talk and he doesn't want a relationship because I treated him like crap so long ago and he can't get over it.. He also told me that when we broke up 5 months ago, if I had stuck with the "no talking rule" he was 100% sure we would have back together long ago. So me expressing my feelings last night ended in him freaking out on me, me crying and him getting to the point of blocking my phone number.. He has done all this before but then tells me after he blocked me he found himself Unblocking me every 5 minutes cause he can't stop thinking about me, BUT, he makes it a sure point to constantly remind me that Were not together and he doesn't want a relationship with anyone because I apparently ruined it for him forever.. He still gets jealous and purposely pushes my buttons and when I am the one being pushed away, he comes running back. Now I feel like I've messed it up to the point of no return also because I have been dragging this on for too long. In the end he really was an amazing guy and id do anything to get him back to the guy he was before I messed up in the past


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  • Seems you need to move on really. Neither of you are ready for any sort of relationship. Sorry.


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