Why do men ignore? he's ignoring me?

I started texting a guy a few months ago, there was an instant spark, we used to spend hours and hours in the phone to each other, we met up and it was so lovely, we spent the night together had tea then we ended up sleeping together, he spent the night cuddled up to me and kissing my forehead. We've had a few rows over things and he's cried down the phone before when we was arguing and has admitted he has some feelings,. We argued maybe a bit to much due to him backing off he said he's been in this situation before and he was the one who got hurt when it fell apart. He has always been really up and down regarding wanting me, the other day I said I wanted to talk to him and he come back either 'I'll come to yours later if that's ok?' I didn't make plans then ended up having to ask him at 6pm at night if he was coming and he didn't so I got annoyed and told him to delete my number and I will his I was cross. He is now completely ignoring me, I apologied and said I hope we can stay friends etc as I do care a lot for him and said sorry but he's not replying I don't understand why he would ignore even being friends? We built yo quite a bond or I thought we did?
Why do men ignore? Is there anything I can do?


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  • ... We argued maybe a bit too much due to him backing off he said he's been in this situation before...
    This says it All with the writing on the wall here, dear, and with That being said, put this to bed and move on.
    Even if you both decided to be besties from the resties tomorrow, he surmises that there would probably only end up sorrows.
    Good luck. xx


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  • I would give up on him. He's hot and cold to you. There's nothing you can do to fix that. The effort to not be that way has to fall on his part.

    I think this wasn't just a "hit and quit". I think this guy actually had feelings for you , but is afraid of advancing to another step with you.
    He's been hurt in the past and is trying his best to not experience that same hurt by distancing himself from you.
    Even if you show you are not like other girls, he needs to fix himself before he can ever be happy with any one else.
    He needs to realize not all girls are deceitful.
    He also needs to come to terms with the fact that yes, he has been hurt but he has to allow himself to move forward (not let that hurt keep him back in life).
    Until he gets to that point, he will never be ready to advance to the next stage with any girl.

    I think you should move on.

  • there is nothing you can do. just find someone else.


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