Has she moved on or is she telling me what I want to hear?

So my girlfriend of 2 and a half years broke up with me about a month ago. Now there's a lot of details that im leaving out but basically the Jist is that we both had a bit of a weed problem. Smoking daily multiple times a day. We started smoking about a year and a half into our relationship. Before the weed everything was GREAT. Not perfect by any means but a good healthy loving relationship. After we started smoking things started getting tense to say the least. We went from arguing 1-2 times a week to FIGHTING almost daily. We stopped respecting eachother and started saying things to intentionally hurt eachother and didn't regret it until after the damage was done. We have both acknowledged and agreed that weed most likely had a lot to do with our relationship getting so bad. We talked the other night about the situation and she's afraid that "the damage is already done" and has said that she doesn't want to date me right now but basically said "if its meant to be we will come together again. But now isn't the time". As much as the relationship was bad i still look at the girl i fell in love with and hope that that girl will come back again. I have since stopped smoking weed and from what im aware of she has cut back a lot. I plan on focusing on myself for a while and not really getting my hopes up but i guess my question is can i really take her word for it or should i just assume she has already moved on?


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  • It seems with a lot of '2 and a half year' His and Her History here, dear, that it is a pot pity that 'Weed' had to be both your Demise in the end. It's a shame that you both Enabled this drug to be the Bearer of Bad news and Now... After we started smoking things started getting tense to say the least.
    I, myself, do not have much to say because the way I see it on my own end, Taking a Break which I feel this Might be, not an actual Breakup,' may just be what the doctor ordered.
    She may have ill feelings right now, and perhaps, yes, with 'She has cut back,' you both have a long road ahead. However, knowing from experience with Other friends and family, the minute something happens that causes a bad situation in your life to go in the dumps, you will some Nite... Light up.
    Take some space and time to find yourselves and if you both love one another, you can work as a team to get on the same page once again, but the 'Sour' that you take will never be part of your deal, just a bad Ordeal, and will Never Enable you both to be two birds of a feather, just make this relationship go South Instead.
    I would not say she has totally 'Moved on,' but may be putting the joint ahead of any hopes of reuniting and this will be a dealbreaker as to how strong she is even, to want to be joined with you to make it work or keep puffing her problems every day up in smoke.
    Good luck. xx


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  • In situations like these you have to treat it like a proper break up and assume it's done. You can't sit around waiting and clinging onto hope because there's always a chance that it won't work out. In order to heal you must let go and tell yourself that it's a situation beyond your control and right now your only control is yourself. So basically you have to deal with it like it's over and look after yourself in a typical break up fashion. That means stopping contact, keeping yourself busy and working through the stages of a break up. It's impossible to know what she meant by that so you have to let go and move on for your own sanity.

  • you both have a chance if you both commit to each other


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