Has anyone here made bad decisions that had damaging affect on your health bc of the loss of someone you care about? As in are in love with?

like losing weight gaining weight cutting getting fired moving to a place that has nothing to offer cutting yourself off from your friends losing money sinking into depression attempting suicide etc?
  • Yes I've allowed myself to become harmed as a result of my loss.
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  • No I have never allowed my feelings for a person harm my life.
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  • I'm currently going through the worst break up so far in my life but thankfully I didn't allow myself to bring harm unto myself. I started seeing a therapist within a week as I saw depression creeping up slowly and surely. I have Bipolar so I want to be careful about stuff like this cause I tend to get suicidal easily. I will definitely say that if you prone to harmful behavior then it's completely crucial to seek professional help ASAP! It really really helped me and it is helping me cope.

    • Thanks I was actually just curious as to what types of things people experience.. I'm surprised more people have not answered considering how often I hear about it in posts about how to get someone back lol

      Thanks for answering :)

    • @Asker

      Sometimes really good questions go unnoticed :/

      I'm glad i could provide some insight :)

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