Guys, Guys have you ever told a girl you never wanted to see her again out of anger after she hurt you?


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  • Not out of anger, but I've said it after making the decision that it was time to move on.

    • How did you say it? Were you calm? was there an argument?

    • There wasn't really an argument. Long story short, we dated a long time ago, stayed "friends" after, I asked her out again a few years later and when she said no I told her that if that was the case I couldn't see her anymore because I could never see her as just a friend.

  • Not out of anger but I will be telling her this tomorrow :(

    • Why what happened?

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    • Thank you, I'll email you tomorrow or in next few days 23:55 here in UK. Just getting used to this website only just registered so unsure how it works properly lol

    • Haha sounds good hang in there!

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