Stay friends or move on?

sorry this is so long, but answers would be great! please :)

So I have been dating this guy for about a month. he's sweet, takes me out wherever I want, waited til the 3rd date to kiss me, calls me just to talk, wants to wait until we are fully committed to have sex, and he even met my mother (which I hardly ever let guys meet my mom).. everything was perfect. until sometime last week his father went to the hospital and found out he's really sick. so he wants to be home a lot and take care of his dad, and doesn't have a lot of time for me, now he just wants to stay friends...

but its hard for me, because I know how great of a guy he is. I've given him his space. I don't talk to him every day now. hardly see him. and it sucks.

he came out to meet me at a bar on new years, and he drove me home, and I even invited him to stay with me, but he dint, because of the whole 'friends' thing and didn't want to lead me on... but the whole night we kissed and everything was perfect...

so my question is...

do I stay his friend, and wait til things get better because I know he's a good guy?

or move on, because I don't know what's going to happen?

what are your thoughts? anything will help...


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  • He seems like a very good guy, so I would say to keep your options open but also let him know you will wait and just be friends until everything is better. A girlfriend is a lot of stress. Having a friend is great, so you should respect his wishes. Don't completly move on, but keep your options open. Everything will work out(:

    • Thanks, that's what I've been trying to do. it is hard though. but thank you!

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