Girls, How long before I can reach out to my ex-girlfriend?

She broke up with me after 11 months because she had some doubts. We've met up a few times over the past 2 months. The last time we hung out was her breaking no contact after 3 days by drunk dialing me at 2am, me picking her up, her saying how much she loves and misses me (said the same thing the following morning when sober), us spending the entire following day together (PDA, I love you's etc). She told me that she sees a life with me but wants to settle into the decision. She also said that she is afraid she is making the wrong decision but again, says she needs to "settle into the decision" in order to see if this is the right or wrong decision. The plan is to go no contact and she will reach out to me down the road if she changes her mind (in the mean time I work to move on). She re-activated her account on match. com last week and then deactivated it three days later (I assume she wasn't ready plus she saw my account was active). While I am going on dates via match, I am not going to lose all hope with this relationship. We are 16 days no contact, how long do I wait until I break the no contact? Going indefinite is too difficult. Basically, I don't want to rush her but at the same time I can't just sit and wonder, even though I am trying to meet other girls.
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  • There is no rule, you contact her whenever you feel is best, putting a rule on it makes living your life normally even harder rather than just choosing your own time, some days you may even forget about it, and others you will think about it non stop. Dont put yourself through that torture and go by your own rules x

  • do it now.


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