Wait or move on? What should I do?

About six months ago I started talking to this girl. We helped each study for tests and do homework together. Well one night the words "I like you" fell out of my mouth and she said it beck without missing a beat. We went on as boyfriend and girlfriend for a while and things were going great. We had knew each other for about five years before all this happened. Anyway about a week later she told me she had anorexia. I was vary understanding. I started taking things slower because of with she told me triggered it (I won't get into that). I went to see her when she was in the treatment center once and we walked and held hands the whole time and laughed the whole time. Before I left I gave her a hug and told her to text me later the night. Well she text me later and we talked a little and then she asked if she could call me, so she called me and told me she didn't have the same feelings for me. I was shocked to say t.he least. But, she said she still wanted to be friends and still talk. She text me about five times over the next three mouths and kept me up to date on what was going on, so one day I told her "I missed her, a lot" and she said that we could get coffee some time. I agreed and we talked a little bit more. Two weeks later I text her asking about the coffee she wanted to get, no reply. I saw her two week later at school and text her again, no reply. I added her on Facebook, she didn't have one when we were together, she ignored my request. The next day I get a letter from her saying that she didn't ant to talk anymore and not to reply. I set her two letters over the next three mouths and nothing, I text her mom and asked if sh was OK and her mom said she was sure that she'd come around...

What do I do? Wait or move on? I just want to be friend, nothing more really. Not unless she wants more.


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  • The best thing to do is probly let it go for awhile and just move on as hard as that is to do. Sometimes people just ignore you and stop talking to you for whatever reason. I've had that happan to many plenty of times. It seems like you have made an effort to get in touch with her and put yourself out there. That's pretty much all you can do. I would just let it go man. I know its hard but she wants to be friends with you she will contact you.

    • Thank you, I guess all the there is left to do is move on and if she wants to talk to me she'll get a hold of me.

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