What should I say?

It's been 3 weeks since I last talked to my ex. And I want to try to talk to her sometime this weekend. What should I say? I'm going to do try to talk to her no matter what so don't say don't do it!! I just need to know what to say so I can get the conversation going and have her keep responding each time.
Not talking about the past but just try to catch up on what's happening in our life's


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  • Go Slow with your Flow, @je215161 and don't move too fast. Don't bring up the past, the Breakup, just talk about nice things.
    Ask how she is, what she has been doing, her job, your job, just make it light and friendly and see where it goes, who knows...
    Good luck. xx


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  • well i am going to tell you not to anyway... but you will learn the hard way. Best wishes.


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  • I think you should just ask her if you guys can talk in person it's better that way

    • I agree I'm going to try to set up something so that we can just talk

    • Good luck. And just Be honest those that care understand those that don't get in the way it doesn't mean she doesn't need time to get it

  • dont talk to her yet.

    • Why not? for me I think its now or never. She was just asked to homecoming. If I wait any longer she's going to completely forget about me (if she hasn't already).

    • Plus I just want to know whats going on?

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