I'm finally single again after a two year relationship. But what do I do now and how do I move on?

It was my first relationship. She was almost perfect for me, but I was no longer attracted to her. We felt more like a glorified friendship and I had beat myself up over it for months. I broke up with her twice and we got back together twice to try and make a lost cause work. I nearly lost myself trying to force it to work so we broke up today. The problem is that she is all I know and I don't know what to do now. We also see eachother every day at school and we do the same extracurricular activities. So any advice on how to move on or what to do? Please don't say the usual stuff like "no contact" and such. We are still on a friendly basis, but this hurts like hell for both of us. We were the couple with all the right intentions, but not the right attraction. Ironically my birthday is tomorrow. What a great present (sarcasm).


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  • you focus on you now. Your studies, your likes, your hobbies You hang out with friends and make new ones. and you take it one day at a time. time heals all.

    • What this guy said. Now's the time to look into and prepare your future to suit you.

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  • go out with friends and have some fun!


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