Dumper messages you to boast about their life? And everyone they've hooked up with ect?

After months of not talking and had took enjoyment out of watching your heart crumble, then message you few months later about all the girls/guys they've hooked up with and have plenty all lined up. Why do they do that?


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  • Likely to get a reaction out of you and they probably also have some severe personality issues. You really just get truly cold, heartless people out there. I didn't want to believe it either but my last ex proved that there just simply are assholes and there's no reason for why always.

    Delete this guy's number and block him everywhere. He's a asshole nothing more.

  • He's trying to get a rise out of you to see if you still care. If you let him know that you still care he will deliberately try to destroy you further than he already has. I really hope that you did not respond to him. He's clearly on some high school shit right now and until he gets over himself, he will never change. He is just trying to hurt you and doing so with the only information that he has that he KNOWS will get under your skin. Hold your head high and don't let that prick know how much you are hurting!


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