What do I do with this breakup?

I had a boyfriend but we're not getting along anymore. And I got cable under his name but I pay for it, and he wants me to cancel now that we're broken up now. Do I have too cancel it and if I don't what happens. I pay the bill it's just under his name.


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  • He will have to cancel it since it is in his name. He must know this. In order to cancel for him, you will need all his info. His social security number as well and a password that he put on the account.

    • Do I have to cancel it? Or I mean does he have too I pay it

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    • What am I saying is. Is it the law that if he wants to cancel it he can?

    • There is no "law" regarding a cable bill. Its purely choice. Nothing else.

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  • I believe you can just call the company and transfer ownership to your name. That's how it works here.

  • Call your cable company and get it switched to your name. Problem solved.


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