Am I wrong in this situation?

I was suppose to go to red lobster with my boyfriend. And I was in his email to check something out about a computer he bought me! And I saw that he spent over 111 dollars on a series of a dvd series. And I couldn't believe it. I know it's his money and not my business but I think anyone would be surprised so I ask why would he spend that much and he gets crazy mad and calls me a bitch and a hoe. He is verbally abusive. He's even put his hands on me before. I know it's not my business but he blew up at me and said don't go on his email and I just think if he said that and that's it that's okay but the name calling is rude. He has anger problems.


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  • It seems to me you're trying so much to make this relationship work


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  • With all of these negative things that you seem to acknowledge about your boyfriend , why are you with him? Are you really surprised at his behavior? Given how he usually operates I couldn't even raise a brow at his reaction because his behavior is typical of him.
    I think you should worry little about the dvds and more about your well being.
    You deserve so much better than what you allow yourself to receive.
    Break up with him and move on.
    A man that respects , loves and cares for you wouldn't treat you like trash.


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  • Personally I wouldn't be mad if he's spending some money on himself, he's clearly buying you things also as you mentioned he bought you a computer, so it's not like he's selfish, but in the same token he doesn't exactly have to buy you things, but the fact he has is nice and he wants to buy something for himself then that should be fine, reverse situation where you buy him something, say for example an xbox game, and then you spot a really cute dress you want for yourself so you buy it as well for you, there's nothing wrong with that right? Nope, so nothing wrong with him doing it either, but I do get what you mean about the price being a surprise, personally I think it's just something I would of left, my partner spent $300 on a computer part and I was just like okaay then you have fun with that, it's nothing unusual to me because it's to do with something he loves, for me I wouldn't think twice about spending a couple hundred on makeup because it's what I love, so perhaps he didn't care about the price tag because it's what he loves.

    He however should not have gotten abusive, in fact he should NEVER get abusive, verbally or physically :( maybe time to reevaluate this relationship..

  • Be very careful in your relationship and I recommend you break up with him immediately, because later if you suggest something that could be his " Business " I'm sure he wouldn't hesitate to be verbally abusive again. Also considering the fact he put his hands on you before, will make it very possible he will do it again. This will later turn to an abusive relationship. As for the CD's a lot of series are espensive these days especially depending on the show itself.

  • You're boyfriend is a raging psychopath and you should've left him like yesterday. He's a piece of trash and he deserves to be in jail. Get out of this relationship before he ends your life. Go to some family and call the police on this dude.

  • what he spends his money is his business, how he treats you and if he shows anger towards you and puts his hands on you is ridiculous and you should rethink being with him.

    • I understand that it's his business so if he would've just said that it's his business and not started screaming then things would be different

    • I understand, like I said you might rethink your relationship, I'm sorry your going through that.

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