What have I done?

so here's the deal I broke up with my second girlfriend recently, she dumped me for another guy and I was p*ssed. and she only started dating him while I moved on (and it looked like I didn't care) I have now and the whole thing is done and dusted. but her friend wouldn't leave me alone.

she started to attack me every time she could, she randomly sent me emails on Facebook calling me a loser and how I'm gonna finish last and that I'm scum, now this is the weird part she is the only person who thinks it. her friends including my ex have all said they think I'm a great person and they have all called her pathetic. so what's the deal why am I under attack for something that is now in a box on the shelf of something that is very far away. we have moved on so why is she bringing it up I'm really confused. :S
What have I done?
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