Ex-girlfriend got back together with the guy she had before me?

hello people...

my ex and I were together for almost 2 years with 2 breakups in between. after the second breakup, she had started having sex with the ex she had before me. after 3 months we got back together though. then after 2.5 months we broke up for good.

I just found out, that NOW (2 months after our breakup) she got together with the other ex. I feel horrible about it, since he's an absolute d***. I wouldn't care if she had a relationship with someone new...but NOT with that guy.

she told me that I shouldn't feel bad, since I wasn't a space filler in her mind and that she enjoyed every minute with me. that she wants me to be happy in my life and not feel bad about all this. but somehow I just can't let these thoughts go. me, all alone, probably ditched for some d***faced jerk...

how am I supposed to get out of this hole? how can I be happy?...


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  • She sounds like an insecure, unahppy person who can't be alone for any period. People like that live in there own little world and convince themselves they are happy when they are not. She sounds like a user and once she is fed up of the ex she will ditch him and sponge off the next poor bloke.

    "You shouldnt feel bad" "be happy in life" "``dont feel bad about all this"

    She sound`s like one cocky, condescending madam who is oblivious to the hurt she has caused you.

    Ive got news for you pal, you havnt got anything to be sorry about, if anything it should be her apologising. Deluded bitch by the sound of things. What cheek some people have, remind`s me on`e of my exs

    • Thanks a lot man!

      so how am I supposed to forget and not be p*ssed anymore? I couldn't even sleep last night after I found out...blood pressure out the roof...

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    • Thanks...I just hope for them that I don't see them going out the next month or so...I'd probably freak out...

      but yeah...their loss...people always told me I deserve better, but it still hurts to see it turn out like this. thanks again mate and have a great week!

    • News: she isn't happy that noone is happy for her "new" relationship. she also told some people that she will go through with the relationship, since she found the new "love of her life"...what a f***ing joke

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