Why can't a guy live up to his responsibilities? & just end it instead of causing more pain?

So I was dating this guy who I was totally head over heels for about fifteen months. We never got through much all the plans I had we never met partly because at the beginning he got into a state of depression cause he dropped out of college and had only two years left. He eventually got over that and I stood by him no matter what. He knows I'm not quite the party time but he knew the spots that I liked to go to, but despite that he became all for himself and after a few months he came around he started treating me like I was the world I absolutely loved it. He started telling me how much he loved me too, so on both side things started to look brighter. Since he dropped out of school he had a hard time getting a job, it was ten months later that he finally got a job, and we promised to work out or schedules so that we would have time to see each other.After three months on training they finally hired him and that's when things started to change for the worst. He hardly called me and whenever I called he I only got through 2 out of ten times. I got so frustrated and p*ssed, I told him one day when I got through to him, and he said he was busy and didn't have the time. So I called him back and ask him if he really knows what he wants I asked him who in the world has a girlfriend and doesn't call them for two weeks? And even if he didn't have the time he could have texted me. I told him we obviously had something to talk about and we needed to sit and talk things over. The next day he texted me and said I was right, and that we needed a break. I am mad as Hell! How could he do something like that to me, I don't even know what I did. Obviously he wants to break up but he's not talking...Why do some do things like that we need closure.


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  • Although I believe it's OK to feel the way you do; no-one deserves to be treated like that; there may be a simple answer staring directly at you.

    You said this guy went through a stage of depression, however, this could have simply re-occurred whilst he was away working, and therefore not wanting to call or text you because he doesn't want you to worry about him. He may also feel that because you said " I told him we obviously had something to talk about and we needed to sit and talk things over." that you want to break up - depression does weird stuff to the mind. Or, another simple reason is he may have found another mistress whilst away from home.

    Of course, however, he dropped out of college which could mean he is dropping responsibility, which he is doing with you.

    Whatever the situation; and if you really love this guy; then I suggest you find out why your really attracted to him, and if he is really worth the effort. In my opinion; if he really loved you he would come back. if not, then you know he was immature and not right for you. Best of Luck.

    • I like your responce the most :). Truly he means a lot to me but I don't wanna go back into a relationship with him I want to be there for him if he truly is in a state of depression again. I don't wanna run away when he needs a friend. Thank you sooo much for ur comment , I'm all smiles now:)))

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  • I guess the dropping out of college part could have clued you in on the fact that he's dodging responsibilities. Try taking a step back and seriously think about what it is that attracts you to him. Is this really the guy you want a long term relationship with? It sounds to me like he still has quite a bit of maturing to do.

  • Men is totally unresponsible cause any men lives more comfortable then women. You got periods, we not. You have high chance of getting rape, we not. Any men having a lot of sex is cool, while any women having a lot of sex is considered by whore etc.

    Only disadvantage could be we are on military x) Well I did not read your text I just simply answered your question. Hope it helps


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  • why don't you just end it yourself instead of waiting for him to make the "break" official. Your a big girl, tell him so long!


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