How did he move on so fast from us?

I was with my ex 3 years, very emotionally close relationship, we was engaged, living together, and had just booked our wedding for next year, he also brought my son up as his own for 3 years their bond and love was incredible..

5 weeks after leaving me my ex had a new girlfriend, they moved so fast now 7 weeks on, my exs family was friends with her on fb so quickly, my ex has already met her child and she is posting pictures of my ex, her and her child on Facebook already.. I had a few questions..
How has he moved on so fast?, and how has he been able to be involved with another child so fast?
I noticed yesterday they have both changed their profile pictures on Facebook that they had up of them together and now they are other things so I'm guessing things aren't great?


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  • Whenever I see a Sad scenario such as this here, dear, I always Always have to ask myself One Question: Could in some way they have known one another a bit before the hard facts?
    With knowing you so long, the history of His and Her he had with you, the long term relationship and the Fact that you were both ready to take even More of a baby step forward with your son included, I find this a little uncanny how he Did 'Moved so fast now 7 weeks on,' and that he didn't take his time nor lick any war wounds from your Breakup, just Jumped right from the fry pan into another female fire, little flame and all.
    If Not, which I have my doubts, he found chemistry quickly before any of his own sizzle went out, and it was just Old Mother Nature that helped find someone whom he could nurse and nurture with that Was basically like Your situation, Only... Newer.
    As much as it is killing you and your son inside here, dear, focus on you both now and You yourself go Slow with any Joe's Flow, this day forward, treating newbies with kid's gloves.
    Even if this one comes back with a song on his lips once again, he cannot be trusted that he may do it Again.
    Good luck. xx


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