What do I do now?

A little over two months ago me and my girl friend of 3 years broke up. She broke up with me saying she wasn't sure what she wanted. It took me about a month before I stopped talking to her. then like 3 days ago I find out she already has a boyfriend, the person I thought she was cheating on me with. I believe she was cheating on me for a year and a half, off and on. What do I do? its all I can think about and its driving me crazy.


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  • First of all, learn not to ignore your instincts.

    Treat this as a lesson on human nature.

    Also, look for the following characteristics in girls who are likely to cheat:

    1. They have screwed up values. (They think cheating is not wrong)

    2. They do not value their partner

    3. They have no self control

    4. They are easily tempted.

    5. They think all men are pigs.

    • That's what I was thinking, take this as a lesson. I'm worried that I'm gonna have some major trust issues with my next girl frriend.

    • And justifiably so.

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  • the chik has moved on! why you wastin your time hesitain about it, is she really don tcare about you=)

    its reality && you got to c dat.. Life Goes On! && just dnt trip... I mean why you trippin? you guys are ovr!

    cnt be bak 2gethr! plus she ain't worth it, you kno exactly how she is! but then again, you dnt kno her, or wut she's going thru, Or wut da hek is going on in her head! dnt judge! just leave da chik alone...

  • theree'ss not much you can do . all theree'ss left for yu to do is movee oon . but before you move on you wanna make sure you did everything in your power to makee sure that moving oon is the rite thing so it's best to tlk to her , and get all your question's answered such as were you cheating on me with him this whole time and such on because wen you offically move on you don't waana havee questions that hasn't been anwered . just talk to her and assk her everything you waana know and take this experience and learn from it .


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  • The best thing to do is to move on and find someone else. If she's going to do this to you man she don't care and even if she takes you back she will just play on the fact that she got away with it once so don't let her play you for a sucker man ...I don't know you man but I do know if you take to people you don't even know you are already better than her cause she could not even tell "the person she loves the truth" 3 years is a long time man I know I've been there but there's always another girl waiting for her turn to treat you right...Don't let that girl down (hope this helps)


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