OMG he called the police on me! Help?

My ex and I began slowly dating again. We broke up because of fights which started from, at the beginning of our relationship he had messaged a girl and invited her over to his new place. Nothing ever came on it but when I found out I was extremely hurt and anytime he got a text from a girl I became very upset. It caused our break up. Everything was going well until I found out he became facebook friends with her. I was furious after how much pain that caused. I went over to his place this morning when I found out. Knocked on his door, tried to talk to him and he closed the door on me. I continued to knock and he called the police on me and had his friend video tape me. I discussed the issue with the police. I've never felt compelled to ever show up to someones house unannounced. I don't know if he cheated on me but feeling that way was the worst feeling in the world. I don't know what to do? I went with my feelings and felt i needed to speak to him about the issue at hand. The police said do not contact him, he said he may contact you in a couple of days.

We decided to go to the same school back when we were together. He is getting his doctorate, I'm getting my masters. I know no one here, he's the only person I know. This is extremely hard and my head is all over the place.


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  • Forget Him here, dear. He is in no way the kind of guy you should be wasting your time or your energy on. It's the writing on the wall that doesn't have to be etched in stone that it is Over, and with him even calling the cops to rescue him, he Now Wants... The door closed on me.
    There is nothing you can do to change the mind and heart of a loser and no lover Nor soul mate. However, if you d Persist to harass him, it will only lead down more of a badly beaten path, a War of the Roses, Huge fines and even.. Jail time, should it really get out of hand.
    What to do? No contact. Get your 'Head' put on Right now. Begin a fresh Beguine of thinking of Only you now. History will only repeat itself and I have his number, you should have it Too... Don't become one more statistic because of someone who is a villain in his own right.
    Good luck. xx

    • I can't believe I did this. I acted completely on emotions and couldn't control myself. I don't think he is ever going to talk to me again. How would I even go about speaking to him?

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    • I know how embarrassed you may feel but you need to move on and forget him. Just count your lucky stars for it could have gotten much worse, where even a restraining Order might have even been Put in Order and an Order... To really stay clear, dear. xx

    • Thank you, sweetie, for the Vote of cop confidence, sit tight and it will be alright.:)) xxoo

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  • I told you this before I have a LDR but when broke up my online friends messaging her about me that i am a great guy there where 5 friends of mine who contact her but she is not going to listen from every where with the same voice then she said that she get rude and she may going to call the police but she just want to save my future. as she is really frustrated about me she think bad about me.. I don't think I have to message her but still I message her on her email her but now I stop doing this

  • Leaving is the hardest part however in this situation it is necessary.

  • What a pussy & a rat. Don't waste your time on the whiner. Doesn't that tell you something about his character when he needs to call a cop on a woman? That's the lowest of the low.

    • I'm so ashamed. I've never behave that way before. My mom said I haven't been right since on a new sleeping med. called the doctor and I had a reaction to it. I do think he could have sat down with me and discussed the issue. I don't like the way I acted but I don't like what he did either.

    • And I saw he liked one of her photos which is so trivial but I'm upset over it.

  • you still want him after all this?


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  • Stay away from him. Way too much drama. If you're going to grad school you'll meet people there.

  • Don't waste your time with him. If he decided to call the cops on you it indicates that he doesn't care/ that you've become a bother. Also, what he did was wrong he should not have invited a female over to his place at all that's a sign of disrespect towards the relationship. Keep your distance and if it's meant to be than like the cop said he will contact you.

    • It wasn't a female, it was a guy who was his study partner and he wasn't very polite. I've NEVER done anything like this before. I'm feeling some hate for myself, I'm ashamed, I am angry. I don't feel very good right now over all. My Mom said you haven't been acting right since you went on sleeping medication. Talked to the doctor and turns out... I had a reaction to the medication. I couldn't call to tell him and was highly embarrassed so my Mom called him to let him know. He was very nice on the phone she said and he told her he does care about me. I'm so ashamed... I don't know if we'll ever have a chance again.

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