How can I play a player, beat him at his own game?

so two years ago I dated a guy, We were more of the off and on type of relationship. I met his parents, we were both faithful at the time, but then he did something bad again and I couldn't take it anymore (he's the bad boy type). After we broke up, so many people asked him about me and stuff, and knew that I was his first love. A year after that he to, d me he has changed and all that so I gave him another cance, then he cheated. Then this girl tells me that he's cheated on pretty much everyone. But the only thing with me was that he kept coming back, so now he's on his knees asking me to forgive him, he sees me doing perfectly fine on my own, but now I kind of just want to get back at him somehow, but in a mature way. Sorry for my life long story😂, someone help?


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  • 1. All I can say is if he's the sleeping around types, he's not necessarily a player
    2. It's a psychological thing that is natural in some people and not done intentionally but it's an urge they can't resist
    3. If possible they have to come to a change by themselves, no one can really do anything about it
    4. If you aren't that type or a 'player' as you choose to describe it then you better not try any similar stunt cause you won't ever be able to live with it
    5. In this case I'd say leave it be and live with it or better I'd say end it :)


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  • I think you will waste time by trying to go to his level.
    But what you should do is probably slap his in public to make him feel ashamed.

  • i guess buy hinting towards sex and stringing him along but never getting to it.

  • LoL... there's nothing you can do than to ingore him if you don't want him.

    • I do, but he makes new social medias then try's to talk to me like a phycho

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