How do you break up with a single mom nicely?

I recently found out the woman I was dating (who is 22) has a one year son. I don't date want to date a mother because I'll have to start taking care of her son and that is a responsibility I do not want. How do I break up with her nicely?


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What Girls Said 1

  • It does Indeed take a very special person to take on another's boy or girl baggage here, dear. And being you have openly admitted that you didn't know this, shows me you don't Now... Care enough about her unconditionally to to continue being with her and an Extra mouth to feed. Wise decision to end it then, my friend.
    Sit her down, face to face, and tell her that you have been hashing it over and over. Tell her that as much as you like her and would have perhaps pursued something special, it is this Honest John way about you that needs to explain to her that you are Not ready nor raring for this big commitment at this time right now.
    Good luck. xx


What Guys Said 1

  • Don't be a pussy, just be honest and tell her that.
    Not wanting to date because of her having children is a valid reason.
    Just be honest and stop wasting both of your time


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