What does recently online mean on z oosk?

My ex and I had taken a break and during that time we agreed to see if we wanted to date other people and just about 2-3 days ago we decided we could work it out, and yesterday we saw each other and got back together "officially." I knew he was on that dating app z oosk because he told me he was, so I went online to see if he still had his profile. His profile is sti active and it said he was "recently online." I'm not sure how recent that is and if anything shouldn't his profile be deactivated? I don't want him to know I essentially stalked his profile especially so soon after us getting back together, so should I just wait longer to see if he eventually deletes it or should I bring it up to him?

just to add, he's never been a player cheater or flirt, so I do trust him. I just have been cheated on in the past so seeing things like this really does bother me


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  • He may have Left it just to see if you Both could make it again as two birds of a feather who really can This Time... Stick together "Officially."
    It's like this Ace in the hole in case anything should go South. However, with seeing him 'Recently online' the other day, it probably is just this habit that is hard to break now... I for One have been aware of the habit and these are hard to even break on my own end in the past.
    Give it some time. When you see everything is Koshore and no one is fickle as a pickle, ask him just nonchalantly if he has deleted this, and go on from there if you dare. If he hasn't, tell him to make sure he needs to push that button so no Buttons will be pushed where you are sitting.
    Good luck. xx

    • BTW: My cousin has tried this site and found out Every girl was either a fraud or had more than one profile and may have not even been a girl. Bad reputation. xx

  • It means in the last 24 hours


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