Broke up with my long distance boyfriend of 2 1/2 years, did I do the right thing?

I met this German guy on YouTube a few years ago and after chatting for a few months on Skype, we both had feelings for eachother, so we decided to be a couple (he's 23 and I'm 21). I loved him so much. After about a year, I felt the spark go away, but a few months later, it was back to normal, and we were fine. After February 2015, the spark was starting to go away again. I finally had a full time job, and when I got home, I really didn't feel like talking because I was so tired. I still talked to him, just not as much. He is still in college and has a job, but that means he doesn't have much time/money to come see me ever. The feeling just kept going away. It was nearly gone by August.

In August, I ran into someone that I went to school with. We'd been chatting on and off, nothing serious though. After our encounter, we talked more, then flirted, and eventually we hung out. We both liked eachother, but a few days after we hung out, he rejects me suddenly and says that I wasn't good enough for him because "I'm not religious enough for him, I don't want kids, and I swear". A few days later he starts flirting with me again. We hung out twice after that, he kissed my neck/cheek a lot , and the 2nd time, we cuddled. It was nice. 2 days ago he rejected me again because he realized he was only attracted to me physically and the emotional attachment wasn't there. So we agreed to just be friends now.

Anyways, I told my LD boyfriend about this, because I felt really guilty. He was very understanding and forgave me because I didn't return any of the neck/cheek kisses or anything. I felt very detached from this relationship though. I wasn't sure what to do... I talked it over with a few close friends of mine, then I finally talked to him about it. He of course wasn't fond of the idea, but accepted it. We're still friends now.
I know this is stupid to say, but I don't feel like I'll find another guy that'll actually like me around here. I'm not sure I made the right decision.


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  • I am Quite familiar with LDR and of course, guys close to my heart and my home as well. @mb1993.
    You have been in this LDR with a guy for nearly 3 years and still counting here, dear. You get this on and of feeling with the Online thing and it is quite Normal, Natural in which sometimes the spark is dead because you are Not able to keep it going or flowing as well with no feel which is a bad deal.
    There could be a reason of the season as to why you are both still together. He seems to be genuine, have real feelings for you on his own end is making this attempt to keep the relationship sizzling and sensational but of course, he needs a team mate who can always stay on aboard.
    With not going abroad, it will go dead in the water. One of you, perhaps you have this ball rolling already, will get tired of one of you not going over and with a passport, you could easily find this easy money to fly over and stay with him, it isn't impossible, believe me.
    I married a man from Egypt 4 years ago and I flew over to tie the knot, even lived there. We have our ups and downs, Many Breakups and Makeups and even currently, for the millionth time, have blocked one another from all angles. He does come back but I am at the point in my life now, where I feel it may be Not what God wants for me. I am dating again, have asked him to divorce me because I cannot deal with him being mad all of the time at me for Not going over in a long time, due to the worsening of the Middle East and I may also Have... Met someone myself who I want to know better now.
    Do some soul searching and if you find he is the One, make an attempt to see him and work it out. Talk to him of being friends for now if need be and don't commit yourself to someone nearer to you if you are not ready to let go of perhaps someone who is really meant for you in the end, my friend.
    Good luck. xx


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  • I don't get it. Are you still with youtube guy?

    • Sorry for the confusion. Nope, I broke up with him the other day.

    • Ld relationship do not work if you don't plan to meet up everrrrrr

  • No offense but this was doomed from the start. It was only a matter of time


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