Why would a guy spend 72 hours with a girl and then not call?

I was dating this guy in the summer and I really liked him. He started backing away and then we slowly ended it. Since then we have seen each other and hung out probably about 3 or 4 times. We have mutual friends so it made it hard not to see him. Come to find out he was not over his ex when we dated in the summer and actually got back with her the weekend of Halloween, 2009. He is broken up w her again and this time it is for good. She apparently went crazy.

This happened the weekend of Dec. 19th. We actually have talked and seen each other since then and spent new years together. The only reason why we were together NYE is because we have mutual friends. So it just turned out that way..but we ended up giving each other a kiss at midnight and the rest was history. We spent the rest of the weekend together Thurs- Sunday morning and it was amazing. We were not sexually involved this time and I did tell him that I was not going to have sex with him because I didn't want to get hurt again.

He left my house after being together for 72 hrs yesterday AM (1-3-09) and I have not heard from him since. He did tell me he would call me later and I never heard from him. I know he cares for me, as he has told me. I know right now he is sad and going through an emotional state with the breakup.

SO my question is, why would he spend 72 hrs w me and not call me? After an amazing weekend together and he was SO sweet to me. Brought we breakfast, we watched movies and laid on the couch literally all day and was in bed by 10pm. The saturday before we went out with all of our friends together and watched FB. He was so good to me.

To be honest, I am super bummed and really need some advice on this? I really like him and I am so confused. Should I even waste my time with this guy since he just broke it off w his ex for the 2nd time? He has told me "you never know" what can happen with us, but then I see him on a dating site. So maybe I should just get the hint that he doesn't want to date me :(

Please help!



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  • I'm just going to answer to the question straight because it is boring to read all of it and get to the same conclusion..

    So the answer is, Because we can!

    • Sorry that it was boring, but I needed to give you somewhat of the full story. And what would be the same conclusion? And to respond to your question, I do not think a guy will just hang with a girl for 72 hrs because they can. But that is my opinion.

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    • Sometimes people see more than there is..he found you attractive, you were accessible to him and he took the chance.

      It can be painful but if he doesn't talk to you anymore that is because he doesn't want to..move on!

    • This has been ongoing...but now that he is single he talks to me. I do not know what to think..so only time will tell. Thanks for the comments! I appreciate it.

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  • Maybe he's waiting a day or two to call. It's only been a day.


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