Says he regrets breaking up with me.

Says he regrets breaking up with me. Says he missed me as his girlfriend and his friend but isn't making any effort to win me back

He's moving to a different state in 2 weeks for a job...delete him out of my life or keep communication lines open? Does he care and just think trying to make it work would be too hard LD or is he playing tricks and stringing me along?


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  • Keep him around and unless it hurts you too much. Don't get your hopes up either.


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  • I was sort of in a situation like this before. I say keep talking to him to see how things go. Let it be casual though(well show enough interest to show you still like him), don't let him think you are too serious about it, because If I were you I would worry if I acted as if I was so excited for him to be interested in me he would take advantage of him for his own personally reasons. See how he acts toward you, and if he really and truly wants you back, he'll make an effort to show it.

    And make sure you trust him, and all those good things, before you get into a long distance relationships. It's not worth the time unless the both of you are truly serious about it.

    I hope I helped (:


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