Is my ex completely over me?

My ex and I haven't even been broken up for a week yet.. She broke up with me because she said she wasn't in love with me anymore, she wasn't ready for a relationship anymore, she wanted to experience more things since she's in college... but I feel these are all coded reasons.. The main reason is.. I think for the last month I've became a little too clingy and she also I felt like I lost my admiration (she said this is one of the top 5 things she wants in a guy) when we were together she did things she never did for another ex.. she cried in front of me, she singed in front of me (never did with an ex) and so much more.. she gives a lot of mixed signals.. during the week we still talked on the phone 2-3-4 hours a day.. Friday she called me cause she wanted to check on me.. also texted me at 1 am when she was out with friends saying "hiii" we barely talked the weekend though... Also when I talk about the past relationship even intimate things.. and ask her if she remembers.. she will talk about it.. she doesn't get mad or anything.. so I'm not sure if she's completely over me.. still has feelings... in the future I hope to either become really close friends with her or maybe get back together.. but I'm not sure about either at some times.


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  • When my ex broke up with me I decided to take it for what it is and walk away. When someone dumps you they pretty much make it clear they don't want you. Instead of trying to fix whatever issue they have they chose to dump you and leave you. So yes in a way you have to believe they are over you because they decided to leave. You can't really hold on and stick around till they decide to come back. You have to move on and realize it's over. There's no guarantee they'll ever come back so you have to treat it like it's a real break up and walk away. You can't be a doormat and hang around waiting for them when they decided to leave you. They should win you back and hang onto you, not the other way around so my suggestion is to move on.

    • That's great advice.. so is the no contact policy important for this? like say if 2-3 weeks from now.. I'm over it.. and want to be friends, do you think it's ok to be friends?

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    • I strongly feel like the reasons she broke up with me had a lot to do with how I was starting to act, I can almost guarantee if i was more patient we'd still be together... but either way I have to move on/accept it's over.. people tell me that even when you get an ex back.. you still have to accept it's over and move on... I have to move on. whether I get with someone else, stay single or somehow get her back... yesterday was the worse day of the week for me since the break up... today I feel indifferent.. it's almost like I'm at the stage of acceptance

    • @Asker

      For most people serious break ups takes months to heal... If you can get over that quickly then it explains why you can't relate to me at at all cause clearly our situations are different then

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  • Let me tell you this straight, NO one wants someone who is clingy, no matter if they say otherwise. Clingy is desperate and weak.

    In her mind, and like most girls, would have broken up with you on an emotional level weeks before she decided to pull the plug. That's why it seems she's over you so quickly... because you didn't see it coming.

    You need to stop these 2 hour phone calls, FOR THE LOVE OF CHRIST! She's shoving you into the friendzone...

    Cut all contact with her ASAP. If she decides to contact you, assume she wants to meet and say something like "It's lovely to hear from you, we should meet up, when are you free?"

    If she declines or says she's busy, just leave it at that and move on.

    Please follow this. I know it seems arrogant of me to say this, but this is 1000% the truth.

    • How long should I cut all contact? so basically don't respond to her unless she talks to me? If I do decide that it's ok to be friends, how long should I wait to accept being friends?

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    • You won't be over her in 2 weeks, I can tell.

      If she doesn't contact you in the 2 weeks, you've got to persist with No Contact. One side, you'll get over her... the other is that you'll make her miss you (if she still has feelings).

      This worked for me 2 out 3 occasions.

    • so this has actually worked for you two out of 3 times? I guess I'm just scared of what if it doesn't work.. and I lose her for good.. i know that's a bad way of thinking.. but those are the thoughts going through my head

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  • She still likes you.

    • I'm honestly not sure.. she broke up with me.. wednesday-thursday we had really really good convos.. Friday she called just to check on me.. and then later on when she was with her friends (drunk i think) she texted me 'hiiiiiii" and hasn't talked much this weekend... if she still likes me.. wouldn't she talk to me more?

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    • How likely do you think it is that I get her back? I'm starting to think she wanted to be friends still (when she usually isn't friends with ex's) is cause she misses the beginning stages of how we were.. before things got all whacked out.. I could be completely wrong.. but I'm not sure what to think

    • Talk to her and be front about how you feel.

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  • I sounds like she still cares for you. A girl is not over you until she is with another guy.

    • It's weird.. she said she would go to an arcade with me (it could be as friends though) I really don't know how she feels.. I'm beyond confused

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    • I think that may be the best option.

    • Which means that no texting her, no calling her, no responding to text, no answering the phone when its her, and no going any places with her

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