I'm debating on what I should do. Which one should I do?

I'm going to text my ex today, but I'm debating if I should ask her if she still has a couple of my things (because she does) and when I can get them back or just say hey whats up or something like that. Which one should I do? I want the conversation to last the longest it can. If I ask her if she has a couple of my things then the conversation won't last more than a few minutes but it gurantees a response. If I say hey whats up? then I risk her not responding, but if she does then the conversation can go for a while. Which one should I do?
  • Say "Hey, do you still have my stuff?"
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  • Say "Hey whats up?"
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  • Say something else (what should I say then?)
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Most Helpful Girl

  • There's no guarantee you will get your things back no matter how you respond.
    How much resent she has towards you... may allow her to keep your things no matter how greatly you interact with her.
    If your things are valuables and you want them back, I would go to the police station about it.
    It's very possible if she's filled with vengeance she may destroy your things or throw it again (leaving no proof of it ever existing).

    If you don't want to take that route... just initiate conversation by saying, "Hey, what's up?"
    But still understand that is no guarantee you will get your things back.

    You may have to just accept that lost if you choose to do nothing about it.

    • She not the ruthless type of girl. She has a couple of my things that aren't valuable and I don't care if I get them. I just can't remember if she has them.

    • Okay... well then just greet her, and go from there.
      If you don't care about them that much then this isn't a big issue.

Most Helpful Guy

  • if you want a resposne you can:

    send an incomplete text which is cut off: "I forgot abo"

    or send an ambiguous text, which looks like it's for someone else: "Hey what time are you going to be here? Don't forget to bring my backpack."


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What Girls Said 4

  • Don't start off with asking her Anything But... How are you? How are you doing?
    Make the convo light and semi sweet, civil and friendly and then, be strategic here, dear, when you get to the Parting part Of... She still has a couple of my things.
    You can get more bees than you can with the vinegar so go easy, @je2015161
    Good luck. xx

  • I would ask her if she had your stuff but after she replies ask her how she's been or something. It'll spark up conversation and still ask her about your stuff in the process.

  • Just be like Hey, you probably don't want to talk me right now but I think I left some stuff at you place and I was wondering if it was possible if I can come get it.

  • say whats up.


What Guys Said 1

  • It's your stuff, go get it. Beat on her if she steals it.


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