Question about my ex? He recently unblocked me from Facebook and?

we fell out about 3 months ago and I said some really nasty things to him because I was upset at the things he did to me (I don't wanna get into it ) and he blocked me on Facebook, he unblocked me last months out the blue but didn't say anything, I was quite shocked he unblocked me as the, things I said were very mean. Anyway his profile has been private for years and all off a sudden he made it public so that all his statuses can be see. .. (He hasn't put anything on there to make me jealous) I had a quick look at it the other day out of curiosity and I noticed he put a sad break up song on there
am I just over thinking things lol? Is he trying to get me to look at his profile and get me to bite and , essays him because he's too scared to message me as I could reject him (I threatened him with a injunction I don't want to say why)


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  • I think during this 3 month period, he has cooled down and seeing things more rationally and he is missing you to an extent.

    If he was done with you, he wouldn't have bothered unblocking you, but he did, which tells me that you were still on his mind.

    Second a sad breakup song confirms that he is still in the process of hurting or making it seem like he's hurting.

    He has put his profile as public, so you do get to see it and it also worked, since you did too.

    The question you should ask yourself is, do you want him back? If the answer is yes, then he would eventually breakup at some point and contact you and if you are not interested, leave it be.

    • Well it is difficult because He hurt me a lot and made me feel near enough suicidal about a year ago. I loved him very much to the point I didn't even want to be here if he wasn't by my side :/ he took it for granted and shot it in my face but I do still think about him everyday and he was the love of my life but I feel peace now, this might not even be about me he might have just liked the song for no reason lol, I would have to speak to him and see if he has changed or not, but I'm not making the first moved, the things I said to him I pretty much shut the door.

    • Just one word of advice, don't judge him by the things he says, but by the actions he does, words are cheap, actions speak louder than words.

      In my own personal experience 3 months is a very short in terms of someone to change, sometimes it takes months and years before a person starts to change or starts to mature.

      I don't think it's a good thing if he has hurt you a lot and made you go suicidal, can you imagine yourself living with that person for the rest of your life? At some point same things are going to pop and would only be worse, I would tread wisely :)

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  • You might be over thinking it just a but, however the fact that you know he's unblocked you shows that you still have feelings. You were very vague about what happened between the two of you, but if you want closure, then reach out. If you want him in your life reach out. If you don't care and just want to move on. Also keep in mind, that if he wanted to reach out he would have.


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  • If you threatened him with an injunction and and was really nasty to him...
    Hmmmm, why do you give a fuck? Is it ego? Or something else?


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