Is my ex playing mind games with me?

When we were talking. I hinted that.. maybe we should have became better friends first before getting into a relationship, so we could get to know each other more... Then she kind of said something like "so are you saying you didn't want to be in the relationship" it makes me think, either she still cares or she's playing mind games.. cause if she didn't care, I don't think she'd really worry about what I say.


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  • Maybe she was afriad to be in a relationship.

    • I'm starting to think that.. and I think I ended up pushing her away.. instead of letting it happen naturally... I really hope in the future.. it could workout.. but I'm so worried.

    • I was in your position like you too, my friend and I used played games and it did not ended well. We didn't know what we were doing until we began to dispatched from each other. I kind assumed he liked as a friend but then I realized he became jealous, overprotective, and was there always. I started to get scare and began to ignoring him, because I was afraid to admit that I liked him. But in the end, it was too late, we moved away from each other and we have less contact with one another. So, if you really like that gir, talk to her.

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  • Don't over analyze things, it was you who started the topic about it and it is perfectly rational to answer the way she did without wanting you back. It's called a conversation.

    • I honestly have to stop over analyzing and over thinking things... People tell me.. even when they do get their ex back.. there needs to be some time alone.

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  • she totally is!


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