Would you break up with someone you are comfortable and happy with because you don't feel "love" after a long trip?


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  • That's kind of what I did last week. I was happy and comfortable, good relationship, but it's been six months and I don't see a future for it and I still don't love him. He's just not the one.


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  • Yes. You know what you feel. If you don't want something, leave it alone.


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  • I thought being happy and comfortable creates love. Do u even know what love is?

    • In fact, I thought this was love. My girlfriend broke up with me that way so I'm confused, that's why I'm asking.

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    • The fact of not being on the same continent created "lots" of misunderstandings. I was kinda possessive and clingy through my messages. We saw each others on her return and as I said, we were happy and comfortable again, but without love from her side.

    • Maybe she doesn't know how to be n a LDR. Not everyone is built for that kind of distance.

  • Nope, that is wrong

    • What do you mean by wrong?

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