What does it mean that my ex boyfriend's friends are quite friendly towards me?

I was dating someone some months back. I only interacted with my ex boyfriend's friends briefly a few times. We have broken up since and I have seen his friends (without my ex) in the neighborhood. Yesterday, I greeted two of them. One was very happy to see me and asked me to keep in touch. The other also very happy to see me, keep on complimenting me and bringing up my ex boyfriend's name jokingly and also asked if we could keep in touch. I try to be polite and cordial whenever I see them in the neighborhood which is not often (because I hardly go out) and I never bring up my ex's name. And funny enough I have not yet encountered my ex since our break up, just his best friends. We all live in the same neighborhood. Thoughts?


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  • My thoughts are; you are over analysing and you are trying to find something out of nothing.


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