What's she doing?

Like a month ago my ex dumped me. She knew I was having a hard time with it. She won't leave me alone now. She wants to ski with me, talk all the time, i chat etc. What should I tell her?


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  • She might be second guessing her decision to break up. The other thing is that maybe she wants to try to be friends. Obviously you're still grieving and hurt. It sounds like you're not open to it or uncomfortable. I think you need to be honest and let you know the truth. Just say very nicely that it is very hard for you to be around her since the break up. You appreciate her invitation but politely decline. Tell her that you hope that she understands and respects your decision.

  • Be careful how you deal with this situation.

    It could be that she realized her mistake and is hoping that by doing things with you, she'll be able to get your back.

    Or it could mean she's bored and is finding sick pleasure in making you miserable. One of my guy's ex did that to him. She was such a bitch. She knew he loved her and still wanted her back, so she would flirt with him, play games, just to see how far she could push him. Horrible girl...


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