Why do you think my ex girlfriend text me wondering why I didn't text her Happy New Year?

Hey everyone I'm new in here and I have been wondering why my ex of 2 years text me this text she said - "I was with a lot people on new years eve and they all received happy new year texts from you and I didn't so I got mocked and they started saying you hate me hence the reason why you didn't text me. Do you?" - After our break up 3 months ago we remained friends - she wanted space and wanted to be alone and all that blah-blah - we still kept in touch here and there after the break up (She never initiated contacts etc) and I have found it hard to get over her - so recently I did the no contact rule thing to work on myself I started it on new years eve - funny thing was I didn't expect any text from her cos she can be cold like that to my surprise she text me "Happy New Year to you" on New Years Day later in the afternoon but I didn't want to text her cos I wanted to be faithful to my No Contact with her - I still have feelings for her but I know for a fact that it's a "I love her but its not gonna work out" type thing. So I'm wondering why she so concerned about weather I text her or not a Happy New Year? Thoughts? I don't hate her I just want to get over her and move on with my life in PEACE! Any thoughts friends?


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  • Maybe she's having the "I love him but it's not going to work out" type thing going on. It's hard for girls to completely get over someone even if they are the one who ended it. We often find ofself asking "What if?".

    There's also the possibility she was honestly worried about your friendship and wanted to know why you didn't say it to her like the others, we also sometimes are pretty straight foward but guys never understand haha.

    So if you want to keep this "no contact rule" going, go for it. But if not, text her back. See what you guys talk about, and she how she reacts toward you. Texting is always leaving all options open. Friendship, Relationship, a spontaneous conversation that may not happen again anytime soon, etc.

    Hope I helped :)


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  • well dude first off its kinda embarrassing for her because she got mocked on new years. and she probably still has fealings for you seeing as its a 2 year relationship. it could even have insulted her seeing as you are still friends


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