How do I reject my ex AGAIN?

I really need to spare his feelings as much as I can. I ended it 5 months ago. He was heart-broken. I thought I'd moved on and met a new guy. 2 months ago, my ex got in touch and although he had a new girlfriend, said he wanted me back. Last week I thought I made a decision to take my ex back and told him yes. Then I went to end it with the new guy (just dating, not bf) and realised how much I like the new guy & changed my mind again. I feel terrible because its my exes b'day next week. The whole experience has been very painful, it has been so hard to decide but now i need to figure out how to let him down again. :(


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  • Just say that... Your hormones made you react quickly and not on how you feel.

    He wouldn't question it since girls have periods and some guys think it gross and others would just be supportive and not ask too much questions.

    Also say sorry and that you want to make it up to him.

    Not going to lie. He won't be happy nor glad.
    But do it before he makes plans or breakup with his girlfriend...

    • As a woman, hormones is a shitty excuse. It sounds like someone try to direct the anger away from themselves and towards something else.
      She needs to woman-up and take responsibility for the pain she caused him.

    • I don't think I need to "take responsibility for the pain i caused him". He should have known the risks, he came back for more and it has hurt me incredibly also. I'm very sad about the whole thing, I'm looking for advice on how i can end it and make it easier on him because I still love him. But I can't go back, because I would keep thinking of the new guy.

    • Uhm okay... i hope i helped. :)

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  • Things may not be so green on the other side of the fence with the newbie. However, it may always be as well a Full citrcle problem pattern with an "EX" who still Marks an X in his own softie spot and with this Love Triangle, something has to be done because this isn't having Fun for Anyone here, dear.
    I believe you are muddle brained and confused as al hell right now. You are being torn and tossed around by two guys that are causing conflicts in your life with strife and toying with your heart.
    Sit down with your new guy who isn't even a soul mate and tell him you ant to go slow and no strings attached. Tell him you just came out of a relationship with another and you want to take baby steps in nursing and nurturing something that could be potentially special.
    Talk to your "EX" and whether you feel fact to face or calling him up is best for you, what I feel is 'Best for you' is lay it on the fine line this time that you don't want to hurt him again, you have been thinking and friends for now is the Best way to go until you really know.
    Good luck. xx

    • Thanks. :)

    • Oh, so welcome, and relax, the ball is IN your cozy court.:)) xxoo

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  • Are you sure about it this time? Because he will be crushed. There is no easy way to do this other than being brutally honest. And for the love of god when you are done, leave the poor guy alone.

    • Yeah look, I didn't ask for this. He got in touch with me and chased me again knowing i was with a new guy. I'm not having fun with this. The sadness, confusion and anxiety has been worse than most times that I've been dumped.

    • I know, but you know I am right on this too.

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  • You're ruining this guy's life.

    He chose another woman and little does she know that she is on "rebound". His heart is really with you. He cares more for you, than you do him.
    You can't undo the damage... then be honest with him.
    I think you should stay out of his life for good... because you don't even know what you want for yourself at this point.

    • I'm ruining his life? Oh gee thanks! He came back into my life and confused the hell out of me. I didn't go after him. He tried to win me back although we'd both moved on with other people. I'm just trying to figure out how to tell him in the kindest way that I can't go through with it now.

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    • Thank you. It has been very hard and confusing for me also, lots of feelings resurfaced and it has been very hard to understand my own feelings properly. It is easy to be judged in my position, but I have been feeling very guilty about his girlfriend and am unhappy that he is disrespecting her and using her as a rebound. So although I am very sad to hurt him, he is thinking only of himself and hurting her, and potentially the guy I met after our relationship ended. He hasn't expressed any remorse for that.

    • No problem.
      I can see that you care. Otherwise you wouldn't be asking this question. You just have to be honest with each other and walk out of eachothers lives after. If you both stay in contact he will always talk about the feelings he has for you.
      Yes, he comes off as a little selfish for not considering how he could be hurting the woman he is with. And how you'd be hurting the guy you are with by choosing to be with him.
      He loves you so much that he doesn't care about anything else.
      But you definitely have to let him go... and figure yourself out.

  • stop talking to him.


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