A question for anyone that has ever cheated?

I'm just curious why do you guys and girls cheat? what do you people win by hurting other peoples heart. if you don't want someone I think its better to let them know


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  • I cheated on one of my exes with her best friend. She wasn't giving me enough sex.. I told her I needed more but still nothing changed, so one night she went to bed and me and her friend stayed up to watch a film.. she ended up giving me a couple of blowies and I fingered her and made her squirt. Best blow job ever actually... I regreted it a few days later. within a few months our sex life got better and I never looked at another girl again.. until we split up.

    You see.. when a guy cheats, its usually the girls fault :)

    • Well you sould have finished the relationship first then messed with that girl (by the way if she was really your ex friend she would'nt have done that)

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    • I thought she dumped you because most of the time when a guy says "we split '' usually means she dumped me. but I guess I was wrong...

    • Thanx for the apology. I forgive you

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