Why can't he just let it go and let it be?

I fated a guy when I was 16 for a year I'm not 23.. it was quite a bad break up, I got pregnant by him and he wasn't ready for a baby so he decided to say I was lying, even though I had the proof etc, we never spoke again, iv seen him from time to time but never fully, his little girl has just started at my sons school and I saw him for the first time in a long time today, he was walking with his now Wife and looked over at me and glared.. it's been years now, ridiclous amount of years, it makes me feel so uncomfortable stood at school and have no idea why he still can't just let it go? Let it be?
Any ideas or advice? ..


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  • Did you have the child?

    • No, I lost the baby at 9 weeks

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    • He must really hate Mr to still be at it all this time on..

    • OR he may be so ashamed of how he acted he finds it hard to deal with so its easier to hate you x

  • Is your son his child just wondering and I know how u feel I have been there I have a child buy a guy I was with in high school he left me when the child was six months old and now he is married and has two other children whom he takes care of it has never had anything to do with my child when I see him which is rare I feel awkward and weird and I just keep my child away from him my child thinks my husband is her father anyway.

    • No my child is not his child..

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    • I lost the baby at 9 weeks he had nothing to do with me from when I told him at 6 weeks

    • Oh I'm so sorry and men can be weird like I say I wouldn't worry about its his problem not yours

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