Need lots of opinions... did he belive I was pregnant? Please read?

I dated a guy for 3 years, we had the most amazing loving relationship, we was engaged, lived together for 3 years and had only just moved to our new house, he also brought my son up as his own for 3 years.
In 2013 I fell pregnant the first time with him but lost the baby.
At the start of May this year I found out I was pregnant with him, he was working nights at the time working all night sleeping most of the day, I didn't have a chance to tell him. On May 7th he left me, I gave it a few days as I thought it was a 'man strop' turns out it wasn't and he was good for good so I had to tell him about the baby.
He didn't take it to well saying 'this old chesnut' and if I was that close or had loved him that would i would of told him before, he then said it's a lie, I said he was more than welcome to come see a test or I'll do one in front of him, we could meet at doctors etc but he wouldn't come anywhere near me.
As he wouldn't listen I decided to tell his parents they didn't really say much but just so they knew. A few days later I was really poorly with stress of being ignored so my Dad drove over to his parents (where he is living now) to speak to them all about it. My ex stood in front of his mum, his dad and my dad and spoke about it, saying that he didn't want me to keep the baby and his parents said it proably wouldn't be a good idea to, nobody said anything about it being a lie. A few weeks later he finally replied to my texts saying I should just 'get rid' and he dsnt even wanna see me let alone have a baby with me. My mum spoke to his mum on the phone and she asked my mum if 'i had made a descion about the baby yet'.
He then stopped all contact with me and would only text my Dad, my dad kept asking him if he was going to talk to me about it and he said he would only believe it if he saw a scan picture, my dad then said what will change if we get a scan pic as I offered to get him one to which he replied 'nothing it's her problem


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  • Were you using the pregnancy to get him back? What did you do about it? It's not that he didn't believe you, he was actually HOPING you were mistaken of lying. That way he doesn't need to make a grown up decision. It sounds like the relationship is over. The only thing you need to be concerned with is the decision to raise a baby, alone.
    So sorry you are going through this.

    • No.. I only ever said I wanted him to see proof.. never said I wanted him back..

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    • His parents wanted nothing to do with me, he wouldn't come anywhere near me and I sent him pics of the test

    • You sent him the proof. Then what else is there to discuss?

  • Yes , he did but looks like he doesn't want the baby.

    • So why did he then say it was a lie?

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    • So it was easier for him to just say it's a lie?
      If he really didn't believe me would he of just come seen proof?

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